Let a career intuitive life coach help you discover your true lifes path
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Kim R. Cash

Career Intuitive Life Coach

I help spiritually aware individuals recognize and step up to their true calling. I trained with Sue Frederick to become a Certified Professional Coach with the ”I See Your Dream Job“ Professional Coaching Institute.

I live in the beautiful mountains of western Wyoming and raise Siamese cats. A Career Intuitive helped me find my life purpose. Now I'm living the life I dreamed of!

Send me an e-mail or call me at 307‑201‑6693. I'd love to help you make your dreams become a reality!

Kim R. Cash: Certified Professional Coach

Certified Coach Coach Training Alliance

Work together with me to:

  • Discover who you are.
  • Become the person you've always dreamed of being.
  • Live a life that you're proud of.
  • Find real satisfaction and joy in your life.
  • Live a more fulfilled life.

Discover Your Life's Purpose

Do you feel that there is a purpose to your life but it's just outside your grasp?

Do you desperately need to change something in your life (Career? Life Style? Spirituality?) but you can't see the direction in which to go?

Are you struggling with a career path decision?

Do you simply feel stuck?

You were born for a purpose, and you pre-programmed clues into your life to point you in the right direction. As a Career Intuitive I can help you interpret your clues to uncover your life's purpose!

Coaching is an ongoing collaborative partnership.

In this powerful alliance between a coach and a client, you'll find that you:

  • Do more than you would on your own.
  • Take yourself more seriously.
  • Create momentum and consistency.
  • Take more effective and focused actions.
  • Become more balanced and fulfilled.

Where to begin?

I recommend that you start with a Career Intuitive Session to begin defining your goals, then we'll meet regularly to achieve them. I'll walk with you as we set you firmly on your intended path. I'll be there to support and encourage you on your way. Put an end to wishing...its time to take action! The first step on your path is to schedule your session.

Where do we meet?

Our sessions are conducted over the phone. Clients find this a much easier way to incorporate sessions into their busy lives.